Life Cover For Smokers


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Cheap life cover for smokers is always more expensive than non-smokers as life cover premiums are calculated on the basis of your age, the amount of cover you need, the type of cover, how long it is to last and whether you smoker.

Smoking is a risk factor for life cover as it effects life expectancy, in fact it’s generally accepted that on average smoking reduces life expectancy by about 4 years. This is a huge generalisation however as it doesn’t take account of how many years and what type of tobacco was smoked.

Factors Smokers Should Consider When Buying Life Cover

The life insurance industry is quite a way behind trends in society for casual smoking, or smoking only on a Saturday evening out or smoking only at the annual Christmas party for example. To the life insurance company you either smoke or you don’t and the definition of smoking means have you used any tobacco products within the last 12 months.

So anyone who has used any tobacco product within the last 12 months must buy a policy that is classified as having smoker rates to be sure that if they die of (say) lung cancer the policy will pay out.

What’s The Difference Between The Smoker Rates and the Non-Smoker Rates?

Smokers pay more for their life insurance than non-smokers, in fact according to the table below smoking can more than double your life insurance premium and the extra increases with age at application.

£100,000 Level Term Life Cover Over 20 Years - Non-Smoker vs. Smokers Rates

Current AgeNon-Smoker (for over 12 months)Smoker (within last 12 months)
Age 30N/AN/A
Age 40N/AN/A
Age 50N/AN/A
Age 60N/AN/A
Age 70N/AN/A
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What If You Give Up Smoking?

Most insurance companies will make you reapply for your life insurance if you stop smoking and wish to transfer onto a non-smoking rate after 12 months of not smoking. This is not only a nuisance but potentially will not reduce your costs if time has past since your original application as you will have aged (life cover gets more expensive with age), and you may be suffering from other medical ailments.

Use An Insurance Company That Is Sympathetic To Customers That Give Up Smoking

There is one insurance company that will allow smokers to switch to the non-smoker rate by declaring their new non-smoking status without having to give all your other medical statements. Furthermore this company will switch you back to the non-smoker rate that would have applied from the outset, not the new rates that apply at the time you make the declaration. Find out more here.

It’s Always A Good Idea To Check Your Life Cover Costs On A Life Insurance Specialist Comparison Site

You have choices to make about the premiums you wish to pay and how long the cover needs to last. Furthermore smokers may wish to consider the options if they give up smoking whilst other are happy as they are. Its easier to get the best deal if you compare online what is available as it’s a certainty that no one insurer is best for everybody and without a comparison you won’t find the best deal.